15 January, 2011

Custom Box Audio

Performance subwoofer to produce low bass sounds solid and also of course supported by a subwoofer enclosure or box. Subwoofer box in the car usually has a different size, this is adjusted to the recommendations of technical data from the subwoofer. However, each audio installer, have different styles in the design of the box.

If, during this, Custamers only know if his kind of box-that’s just it, it did not. Box consists of various types and models. Design, size (dimensions) and a subwoofer box models are usually clearly taken into account at the time of manufacture, design and even too often dilakoni carefully the Installer.

Clearly, each type of box has a value of strength and weakness, all models box if applied correctly, clearly gives a very maximum performance subwoofer.

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Amira said...

bagus sekali box nya